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Red Roads Fire - Blaze-n-BBQ Grill Combo with Canvas Bag

Red Roads Fire - Blaze-n-BBQ Grill Combo with Canvas Bag

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Sorry - this product has sold out for the year.

We are planning on more arriving ahead of Easter 2021 ready for a great year of winter camping.

Very Important: Fire Pits cannot be used in some areas commencing as soon as 1-October...please do not use fire pits in any situation where fires are banned - a fire pit does not constitute a reason to bypass the laws.

The Blaze-n-BBQ is the complete Fire and Cooking set-up from Red Roads. Our large fire pit is comparable with others marked as 450 x 450 but with added features including the industry leading canvas carry bag!

Flat pack fire pits like the Red Roads Blaze -n- BBQ make it possible to relish the warmth of a campfire not to mention enjoying some camp cooking on it, wherever you are. Sometimes convenience gets in the way of this happening and we can't find a suitable and safe place to build our fire.

A portable fire pit means searching for a place to build your fire is no longer is this the case.

The Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ provides a convenient way to build a safe fire anywhere, anytime then simply fold up your fire pit, and you are ready to pack it away ready for your next camping trip.

Ready to collapse and transport your fire pit?

The Blaze-n-BBQ's come with heavy duty, custom made, Bradmill Canvas, carry bag, which is custom designed and made in Perth, Western Australlia, with exceptional quality and finishing...a fantastic piece of work on it's own! 

This elevated, collapsible flat, fire pit is a great way to manage a fire and cooking at the same time.

There are a number of improvements that set the Blaze-n-BBQ apart from others on the market that have been engineered for Aussie conditions.

Portable Fire Pit Features

  • Clasps on the fire pit base makes this a full rigid unit.
  • Parallel stainless slats on the grill, which is easy to cook on the camp fire and even easier to clean!!
  • Internal Grid to aid airflow.
  • Carry handles to aid moving the unit when the breeze changes directions.
  • And the most amazing custom made, Australian Bradmill Canvas, carry bag
  • Large is 43cmx43cm. This measurement is the pit only - careful when comparing as other measurements may include the handles on the grill!

PLUS the Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ also has a custom made Charcoal Grid made from Stainless Steel to reduce weight.

AND we also supply a set of legs for the Grill which means it can be used for cooking in fire pits supplied by parks in many campgrounds.

This makes the Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ one of the most accessried fire pits on the market.

 What is the folding fire pit made of?

The body of the folding pit pit is made with 201 Grade Stainless Steel, while the Grill is "chef grade" 304 Grade Stainless Steel. This combination offers optimum performance and value. The steel is made in Ningbo P.R.C. in our advanced facility.

Storage of the Blaze-n-BBQ Fire Pit

The whole package is stored in a custom made Canvas (not Nylon) Carry Bag made using Bradmill (Melbourne) Canvas - this is important for the longevity of the carry bag - we sell the carry bag separately for $100 especially to people who have gone a cheaper option only to realise that the carry bags don't work or last.


Click here for more photos and how to set up and use the Blaze-n-BBQ


Sold separately is the Red Roads Riser, a frame that allows the Fire Pit to be lifted off the ground to a height that some caravan parks are now enforcing.