GSI Non-Stick Fry Pan

GSI Non-Stick Fry Pan

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Another item that we have been using at Red Roads for years and never leave home without...the easy clean non-stick Teflon® frypan.

Simple yet effective, superbly compact, this non-stick frypan is all you need for cooking needs such as eggs, onions and other small or liquid foods.

Measuring 20cm in diameter with a Sure-lok folding handle, it is perfect to stash away and use on the open flame or gas stove. The high sides allow it to be used wok-style for a stir fry.

A spiral-turned base grips onto the arms of your gas stove or grill.

Hard anodised aluminum with a non-stick Teflon® coating.

Tip: be sure to use soft implements to elongate the life of the non-stick surface!