360 Degrees Bottle Stainless Steel Red Roads

360 Degrees Bottle Stainless Steel Red Roads

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What might appear to be a simple water bottle, is filled with features that we love.

It's made of Stainless Steel - means it is durable yet lightweight, it's safe to drink from (no BPA or material leakage) and you can even place it directly onto a flame to boil water if you need to purify it.

Threaded Cap - in the years we've been using ours, never has it leaked! Massive O-hook allows a full sized carabiner clip.

Large Throat - means it's easy to fill and quick to drink from.

Comes in 750ml and 1 Litre variants.

Sneaky hints...we've been using these for years to store liquids such as Olive Oil and our favourite Scotch! Why? Because they don't leak and keep out light (which is very important for both).