Red Roads Tent - Air Safari - Inflatable Touring Tent

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The dawning of a new age of tents has arrived to Red Roads.

Behold, no more poles!

The Air-Safari Tent uses beams that are pumped with air to support the frame of the tent. This makes the tent lighter and more compact than other touring tents. It can be inflated by various methods in as little as 30 seconds.

The style of the tent is a Safari Touring tent. It is more intended for one or two nights, with minimal awnings, walls and ropes. It can be used with just 4 pegs and once pumped, is tall enough to allow mot people to stand inside.

This tent is aimed at the vehicle based camper who is concerned about bulk when packing their vehicle, yet still looking for a premium camping experience.

From the time you arrive at your campsite, it can be out of the car and upright in less than a couple of minutes. This could well be some type of record! We achieve this by having an overall package that doesn't need to be strapped to the roof of the car (therefore unstrapped - there's 1 minute already gone) and comes in an oversized but compressible storage bag, the tent can be whipped out and ready to inflate in seconds. The same applies for packing up.

With two options, the 2.1m x 2.1m has an internal height of 1.9m and at 10kg is perfect for two or three people, while the 2.5m x 2.5m with internal height of 2.1m is good for extra space, or up to 4 or 5 people (depending on how cosy you like it).

In the opinion of our Red Roads team, although it might seem bias, it is the best touring tent we've ever seen and used.

Check out our setting up and packing down videos by following these links.