Red Roads Fire - Collapsible Cooking Tripod - Stainless Steel

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There are those times where you just need a Tripod. You might need to hang the billy over the fire to boil up some water, or maybe you want to suspend a whole roast over the flames to create a dinner that will be remembered.

Shown in the photo is both our Red Roads CampWell Grill and a OzBraai Grid ... both are great cooking options, and sold separately.

The Red Roads Tripod is made from Stainless Steel which means it is going to be low maintenance and last for ages, plus it breaks down into 3 sections per leg making it compact.

It comes in a handy storage bag which can be upgraded to one of our fantastic Aussie Made Bilby Canvas Carry Bag which are sold separately.

One of the unique design features of the Red Roads Tripod is not only a single adjustable chain that can be used on items with a handle, but the spreader chain, or bridle, that can be attached to the Grill found on the Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ, so that you can float the grill at any height above your fire. For all you camp cooks out there, you will know this is fantastic feature for achieving perfect temperatures for your meal.

The legs break down to segments of approx 65cm. Exact weights to follow at a later date but is only around 2kg. Stands tall at 184cm.

Packaged size equals 3kg for shipping purposes only.

The perfect cooking companion for the Tripod is either Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ Fire Pit, Red Roads Riser (Fire Place) or the CampWell Grill.