Red Roads Hammer - Strike Hammer

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The Red Roads Strike Hammer is a useful and unique piece of gear to add into your camping kit.

The Brass Strike face of the hammer is specifically designed to pair with our Red Road pegs, reducing wear and burring of the peg - this means your pegs will last even longer!! The face is supported by a weighty Stainless Steel Head and Claw which helps align energy onto the peg, sitting on an ergonomically shaped handle, this is the ultimate in campsite preparation and maintenance tools!

Over the many years of use you will expect to enjoy, the Brass striking face will absorb the jarring sensation you would otherwise feel with a normal hammer. If it gets so worn out, the good news is that a new Brass face is available to purchase and is easy replace if and when the time comes, by removing the two pins, inserting the new Head and re-inserting the the pins. 

The extraction Claw is designed to work best with our range of Red Road tent pegs and allows easy retrieval of the peg from within the hardest of grounds.

This is a Hammer that has been designed for years of handy use.

Note: Pegs, Bags and Accessories sold separately.

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