Heavy Duty Tent Pegs for Ground Sheets - (Part 3 of 3)

Heavy Duty Tent Pegs for use with Ground Sheets

“Ouch!! I stubbed my toe on a !&$%)* tent peg!”

That would have to be a fairly common statement when camping especially when it comes to Mesh Ground Sheets.

Ground Sheets for Camping

Ground sheets are now fairly common accessories for campers and caravans. The mesh allows sand and dirt to pass through thereby reducing the amount walked into your tent or van, they allow air to flow under a tent ensuring grass keeps fresh and they give you a good viewpoint to rid any unwanted visitors creeping and crawling onto your campsite!

Traditional Problems with Ground Sheets

One of the issues is that most pegs often sit just about the surface of the ground. That’s because pegs are normally designed to sit close to either an attachment point of the tent, or allow a guy line to pass around it. This means that you are not likely to walk on the peg.

The Solution - Lug-Less Tent Pegs

tent pegs for ground sheets by red roadsWhen it comes to ground sheets, normal pegs are not as user friendly.  An option is to use what we call a lug-less tent peg, which sounds quite unappealing, but is a great option as it can be hammered in flush to the ground, through the eyelet of the ground sheet. The peg has the same strong straight design to help mitigate bending the peg.

What goes in must come out

You will recall from our last post in the tent peg series, what goes in must come out. Hammering it in is the easy part – but with no lug, how do you remove it? There is no eye to use with an extraction claw or peg-puller.

groundsheet tent peg removal with the red roads extractor plateremoval of lugless tent peg with extractor plate by red roadsWhat you need is a removable plate such as the Extractor Plate. The plate (which is also used by climbers for attaching their ropes to bolts that hang from cliff faces) is super strong and is used by first placing the larger hole over the top of the button which is sitting flush on the ground sheet. If need be, a few sideways taps towards the smaller opening and the angle of the plate will be in position to allow extraction as normal. 


Hopefully there is a little less money going into the swear jar with these user friendly groundsheet pegs!

Camp Well, 

Aaron and the team at Red Roads




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