Frequently asked questions that we receive...

Shipping - How long does it take to receive my order?

Generally we receive and ship orders out within a day or two of receiving. If you place an order on Thursday for example, 99% of the time it will ship on Friday. Every now and again due to different circumstances, we might not be able to ship until the following Monday.

We currently use Australia Post for deliveries, shipping from Perth. The typical shipping time is less than 5 business days, though we have noticed some slightly longer delivery times at various times of the year as well as to some of the more remote and country locations.

If your shipment is urgent, just give us a call and we will see what options might exist.

There is a little more info listed on our shipping page at the footer of this website.

Warranty - What is the warranty on my purchase?

The best questions is "what is the warranty on any purchase I make in Australia?"

Did you know that consumers and retailers are covered by what is called a Consumer Guarantee for most goods purchased in Oz? Yep, check it out.

We are all bound by this, however, in addition, we simply say that while our products are pretty good, everything has it's limitations and nothing lasts forever. So if you think you have a warranty claim, please give us a call first and foremost to see what we can do.

Even if it might not be a warranty as such, many of our products are designed to be repaired or have parts available for purchase if need be. Beyond that, believe us, from 20+yrs of retail experience, warranties can be a complicated matter and is why we say pick up the phone or email us!

A more technical warranty statement is listed here 

I want to touch and feel - do you have a shop where I can make my purchase?

Let us be honest here, when we started out, the answer would have been no.

But we've since realised that despite trying to do as many consumer events as possible, it's impossible for us to get to see you all.

We however didn't want to throw our brand in to thousands of shops where you simply got no service, so we have been selective about where can you buy Red Roads in Australia. We are pleased to say that there is still some amazing retail stores left in Australia and we urge you to support them! 

The list is growing - click to find stockists